St Austell Brewery ‘End of Year’ Video

In the weeks running up to Christmas I did some video work for St Austell Brewery.  They wanted to create an animated video that showcased their achievements both internally and within the community in 2012.  I was commissioned to film 8 clips of various groups associated with the brewery holding up pints of Tribute in a toast to the audience.  It was a fun project which was filmed in about 2 and a half days.  There was a lot of driving as I had to be in Exeter & Westward Ho! in Devon on 2 separate days for 2 separate conferences, and also down to the Pandora Inn at Mylor on another day.

I decided to use the 10ft jib for most of the clips as this would give the clips a bit of life instead of a static or sliding shot.  For the shot at St Columb Distribution Centre I used the Glidecam.  The media designer at the brewery did a fantastic job putting the final animation together.  Have a look…


Missing Cornwall in London

What a whirlwind day we’ve just had!  Left home at 5am to drive up to London with my colleague Tom, from Paramore Productions.  Got to Mayfair at 10am to setup filming inside a pub, started shooting at 11am then went on a whistle-stop tour of London sights in torrential downpours of sideways rain to film a man in a wetsuit walking about with a 7ft surfboard.  All sounds a bit cryptic doesn’t it?


The job was for St Austell Brewery who are getting ready to push their ‘Missing Cornwall’ campaign.  Wildcard PR are handling the project so we worked closely with them to develop the ideas for this video.  I don’t want to give too much away yet but let’s just say there were some very confused looking faces wandering around the streets of London!  It was a great experience but we felt like we hardly had a chance to take it in properly as we were too busy scrambling around under umbrellas trying to keep camera kit dry.  We eventually made it back to Cornwall in time for tea.