Filming For J V Energen

We’re currently working on a promotional film for JVEnergen, an anaerobic digestion energy plant utilising waste food products to generate gas & electric for the national grid.  The plant is located next to the town of Poundbury, a new urban development by the Duchy of Cornwall in Dorchester.  The video is to be used to explain the various on-site processes of getting the waste products from the land to the national grid by means of Anaerobic Digestion, by using state of the art equipment never seen before in the UK.


We traveled up to Dorchester at 6am and arrived at 9am for a full day’s shoot.  We were given a tour by one of the farmers and then set about following each step of the process with our cameras, filming interviews with the staff as we went.  The time seemed to fly by and we didn’t even finish filming until dark.  It was an interesting day, I even feel like I learned something!