St Austell Brewery ‘End of Year’ Video

In the weeks running up to Christmas I did some video work for St Austell Brewery.  They wanted to create an animated video that showcased their achievements both internally and within the community in 2012.  I was commissioned to film 8 clips of various groups associated with the brewery holding up pints of Tribute in a toast to the audience.  It was a fun project which was filmed in about 2 and a half days.  There was a lot of driving as I had to be in Exeter & Westward Ho! in Devon on 2 separate days for 2 separate conferences, and also down to the Pandora Inn at Mylor on another day.

I decided to use the 10ft jib for most of the clips as this would give the clips a bit of life instead of a static or sliding shot.  For the shot at St Columb Distribution Centre I used the Glidecam.  The media designer at the brewery did a fantastic job putting the final animation together.  Have a look…


Hub Awards 2012 Filming

The business community in Cornwall is a thriving one which is evident from the fantastic array of talent on show at this year’s Hub Awards 2012.  The 5th annual event took place at the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay where 5 awards were up for grabs on the night, including: Best New Business, Best Online Strategy, Entrepreneur of the Year, Employee of the Year and Hub Contributor of the Year.


We were again commissioned to film the awards ceremony and the general atmosphere of the night.  Tom from Paramore Productions helped out to make sure everything was covered.  We produced an Intro film with an Olympics theme that was projected onto a 100″ screen.  The film seemed to go down well with rapturous applause and laughter.  Later in the evening Great Britain Para-athlete, Melissa Reid, delivered a great inspirational talk which had many parallels with Cornish Business – thoughts like going with your gut instinct come to mind.  We filmed low-light GV on Canon 550D’s handheld with 50mm 1.8’s and recorded the awards ceremony on a Sony VG20 from the back of the room.  We also setup a softbox light kit for the interview area which looks pretty nice I’m my opinion.  See for yourself…

Congratulations to Cake Top Characters for winning Best New Business, Cassie Lawrence for winning Entrepreneur of the Year, Watergate Bay Hotel/Fifteen Cornwall for winning Best Online Strategy, Hannah Jewell for winning Employee of the Year and Mark Smith for winning Hub Contributor of the Year.



HUB Awards Intro Film

Last year I was kindly invited to produce the Awards Night Intro Film for the Cornwall HUB, a Cornish Business Networking Group in Cornwall.  The video was a big success on the night and got the room excited about the evening ahead.  It also had a positive response post-event when it was posted on the Hub Awards website.   That’s why I didn’t hesitate to agree to producing this year’s awards film.  The Hub Awards 2012 takes place at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay on 29th November, we will also be there to film the event.


So far we’ve had a couple days filming down at Carn Brea Leisure Center in Redruth with various Hub committee members taking part in different sports to commemorate the Olympics year.  Our hope is to create an exciting 4 minute video that celebrates Cornish Business through sport.  We still have a few remaining filming sessions before the editing can start, but so far the video is ticking all the right boxes.